Advantage of Steel Structure Building

Advantage of Steel Structure Building as follows
1. Features: Fast and flexible to assemble, secure and safe, thermal and noise insulation, water proof and fire prevention;

2. Cost-effective: Fast and easy installation greatly shorten the construction time which reduce the costs;

3. Durability: The whole structrure is easy in maintenance, which can be used for more than 50 years.

4. Perfect design: Perfect design completely avoids leaks and water seepage. Meanwhile, it’s also in line with the national level of fire prevention.

5. Carrying capacity: Can resists the impact of strong wind and seismic performance and bears heavy snow loads.

Advantage of Steel Structure Building

So steel structure building has been widely developed in our country ,economic performance of steel structure building has been a topic of concern to everyone, how to control the cost of steel building,the superior properties and advantages of steel structure building given full play is a critical stage in the development of Steel Building,currently a lots of project start apply the steel structure building ,Steel structure workshop has got a lot of use in the city .
But from the long-term development of the steel structure workshop, there are some disadvantages ,
Steel structure factory building exposed outside with wind and rain , steel structure workshop will get corrosion and ,rust ,which will be affected the appreance and using.
How to prevent corrosion of steel workshop, increase the using life is important task of developing steel structure building ,Steel structure workshop get protective ready at the beginning of the building, in the process of building construction should consider anticorrosion design, for the steel structure by the outside factors of erosion should fully consider the planning ,
using new anticorrosion and structure material first, and then painting for workshop. Steel structure construction cost is higher, make steel structure factory building can get use to the greatest extent, the anticorrosive problem is most important .