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The characteristics of the steel structure buildings

Steel structure has become one of the main load-bearing structural systems in the steel structure buildings construction process. The design should be combined with its application characteristics to meet the requirements of process and building functions to ensure the safety and reliability of the structure. Optimize the structural plan to save steel and costs. Minimize […]

Steel Building Price

Regarding the steel building price, there may be many customers that want to know clearly; the expenditures are all budgeted, and the scope of the excess may bring trouble to the company. The elements that affect the steel building price . The height of the building, according to actual needs, each additional 10cm is to […]

Steel Structure Purlin

Steel structural purlin are important secondary structure in steel structure buildings. They are usually included in the steel structure in the list of steel structure workshop,which is generally listed separately. There are roof purlin and wall girt in steel workshop . Galvanized purlin on the roof wall The steel structure purlin is generally formed by […]

The Component of Prefab Steel Workshop

The construction of Prefab Steel Workshop is mainly divided into several parts. The corresponding materials can be selected according to the composition of these major parts. It is also possible to select different steel materials according to actual needs, and strive to build the prefab steel building to meet the customer’s requirements. For the construction […]

The Structure of Bracing System

1.Roof horizontal bracing systemThe horizontal bracing of the roof is generally composed of a cross bar and a rigid tie rod. In the portal frame light steel structure building, the cross bar of the roof horizontal bracing can be designed as round steel, but the tensioning device should be added to facilitate the tension of […]

The Main Using Of Carbon Steel In Steel Structure

Carbon steel according fabrication method divided into hot roller steel , cold bend steel ,cold roller steel , according the size divided into large, medium and small ,according sectional shape divided into a simple section steel structure (except round, square steel, flat steel and hexagonal, octagonal also include triangular steel, arched steel, oval steel, angle, […]