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The Design Of Prefabricated Steel Building

Prefabricated Steel Building components including : Roof Beam,Column,Wall and roof Purlin,Bracing,Window and door Frame and Bolt,the components in the design of steel building must be very precise and fiting to ensure steel member can cooperate with each other. The design of prefabricated steel building first is materials,common used Q345B and Q235B ,usually the Main Structure used […]

Metal Structure Promoted The Security Sense

In China about 55% of anual production metal used for construction industry including Metal Structure Workshop , High-rise Metal Building, Commercial Metal Building and multi-stories metal building ,the production accounted for 51%, 20%, 17% and 12% in metal construction , as the grown of labour cost the metal residential building stat promoted . Policies encourage […]

Prefab Steel Structure Develop to The Direction of Green in China

Our country is a big country of steel ,steel production reached more than 700 million tons, the actual production capacity of more than 1 billion tons, but the prefab steel structure used in construction to less than 5%. Steel building has the advantage of good seismic performance, fast construction and can be recycled , which […]

Roof Truss Steel Structure Workshop

Light steel structure portal frame workshop the roof truss top chords usually used the Angle steel ,down chords and web members used angle steel or round steel bar , the design used for span ≤18m ,distance of column :4—6m ,equip lifting capacity ≤ 5ton over head crane industry workshop and span ≤18m roof structure of […]

Multi-storey Light Steel Structure Building

Multi-storey steel structure building fire and corrosion protection measures: Multi-storey light steel structure building floor must have sufficient capacity, stiffness and integrity. using pressure plate laying on the beam, and then pouring 100 ~ 150mm concrete slab, that is profiled sheeting-concrete composite slab ,pressure plate and steel beams connected with pegs ,It may also be added with prestressed […]

Loading of Steel Building

Loading value of Steel Building Dead Loading :the dead loading of floor is 2.0kN/㎡ ,which is the self-respect of building floor ,the purpose is to allow the appropriate room for renovation,not including the self-respect of floor board .The weight of the lightweight partition wall of the Residential steel building , including Lightweight partition wall or […]