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Influencing Factor of Metal Structure Building

Metal Structure Building is the artificial result in natural environment, the quality and using life under the influence of various kinds of natural factors and human factors. The influence factors of the quality of metal structure building mainly has the following points : 1.External forceDirect effect on the metal structure building of external force is called loading, according to the […]

Steel Structure used as Green Building

Steel Structure with the advantage of Green Building Promotion of  green buildings, low-carbon economy is the the original intention of development steel structure building . Concrete structures become construction waste material after 50 years ,the steel structure can be recycled, plus reasonable weight ratio, good seismic performance, can be welding, airtight benefits, so the development of steel […]

Encourage and Promote Steel Structure Building in China

Encourage and Promote Steel Structure Building in China In the next decade will be the time for world steel structure building industry adjust the pattern and further development and also critical period for China achieve the big and powerfull country . when the Enterprises in the expansion of the scale , also should pay more attention to […]

China Steel Structure Construction Synchronization with The Word

China Steel Structure Construction China’s total construction steel accounts for about 20% ~ 25% of all steel production, developed countries accounted for more than 30%. Such as the United States and Japan, the indicators have been more than 50%. In our country,the steel is mainly used in construction, steel structure in construction, reinforced concrete with […]

Advantage of Prefab Steel Building

Prefab Steel Building With the Advantage as follows : Features: Fast and flexible to installation, secure and safe, thermal and noise insulation, water proof and fire prevention; Lower Cost: Fast and easy installation greatly short the construction time which reduce the overal costs; Durability: The whole structure is easy in maintenance, which can be used […]