November 2, 2019

The Main Using Of Carbon Steel In Steel Structure

Carbon steel according fabrication method divided into hot roller steel , cold bend steel ,cold roller steel , according the size divided into large, medium and small ,according sectional shape divided into a simple section steel structure (except round, square steel, flat steel and hexagonal, octagonal also include triangular steel, arched steel, oval steel, angle, etc.),
There’s also agricultural machinery, automobile, mining, shipping, railway and other industries special shaped steel, deformed steel and steel rod , etc . Commonly used steel structure grades for Q235 Section steel is widely used in construction, railways, highways, bridges, energy, mining, automotive, light industry, agriculture, water conservancy, port, machinery, petroleum, chemical and other industries.

Steel Structure

1) I-beam
The usually used and production I-beam are Hot rolled narrow flange and inclined leg ordinary beams ,Section design characterized is short legs, the inside of the legs have a certain slope ,aspect ratio is small, waist thicker .
Such I-beam current has been replaced by a wide margin legs parallel I-beam.
There are 34 model for I beam , size range (height * width * waist thick) for 100mm * 68mm * 4.5mm-630mm * 180mm * 17mm (16 kinds height ,34kinds wide ) I-beam mainly bearing height direction loading , used as a bending beam. Widely used in structural parts plant, civil engineering, bridges, vehicles, ships, equipment manufacturing.
The usually used and production channel are hot-rolled narrow channel flanges, inclined leg ordinary channel ,there are 30model ,size range (height * width * waist thick) is 50mm * 37mm * 4.5mm-400mm * 140mm * 14.5mm ,(Height size :15 ,Wide size:28 ) channel mainly used for purlins, bridges large-scale structure, the skeleton of the vehicle beams, ships and general equipment and so on.
H-beam section design is superior to ordinary I-beam, increasing the flange and the width and height, thin waist, inner flange side without gradient, edge parallel wings, large aspect ratio. Compared with ordinary I beam, H-beam without increasing, even at a reduced weight per meter length of the case, greatly improving the cross-section factor. H-beam structure can withstand complex multifaceted load, bending, torsion, compression, and good stability, steel structure work is ideal economic section steel.
There are two production method: mill hot-rolled and welded H-beam production .
Hot-rolled H-beam has wide flange H beam (HW), the H-beam flange (HM), narrow flange H beam (HN) and H-beam pile (HP). Wide flange H beam has nine models, 21 kinds of specifications; the H-beam flange has 18 models, 12 kinds of specifications; narrow flange H beam has 18 models, 32 kinds of specifications; H-shaped steel pile has six models, 19 kinds of specifications. Size range (height * width * waist thick), wide flange H beam is 100mm * 100mm * 6mm-498mm * 432mm * 45mm; the flange H beam for 148mm * 100mm * 6mm-594mm * 302mm * 14mm; narrow flange H-beam is 100mm * 50mm * 5mm-912mm * 302mm * 18mm; H – Piles of 200mm * 204mm * 12mm-502mm * 470mm * 20mm.
H-beam welding H-beam welding (HA), a light H-beam welding (HAQ) and H-beam welding pile (HGZ). H-beam welding has 42 models, 129 kinds of specifications; light H-beam welding has 28 models; H-shaped steel pile has six models, 19 kinds of specifications. Size range (height * width * waist thick), H-beam welding is 300mm * 200mm * 6mm-1,200mm * 600mm * 16mm; light H-beam welding is 100mm * 50mm * 3.5mm-454mm * 300mm * 8mm; H-beam welding pile for 200mm * 200mm * 12mm-502mm * 470mm * 20mm. H-beam welding is usually the length of 4-12m
H-section beam used for the steel structure columns, beams, piles, truss and other components widely used in industrial and civil buildings, bridges, civil engineering, high-rise buildings, highways, subways, shipbuilding, machinery and equipment. H-shaped steel pile is mainly used for various construction projects on the basis of steel piles.
the feature of Angle is in the horizontal and vertical axes have good mechanical properties. Hug-sectional shape delineation edge angle, unequal leg angles, unequal thickness ranging from edge angle (also known as L-shaped steel). Evenly rounded edges inside corners.
The size of angle the most in the hot rolling section steel, the model of Equilateral angle from the 2nd to the 20th, there are 20 models, 82 kinds of specifications. Model unequal angle from 2.5 / 1.6 to 20 / 12.5, there are 19 models, 65 kinds of specifications. Both angles are usually divided by model length 4-12m, 4-19m and 6-19m. Equilateral angle models ranging from thick L250 * 90 * 9 * 13 to L500 * 120 * 13.5 * 35, there 11 models. Its length is usually 6-12m. Large angle widely used in large structural parts factories, industrial buildings, railways, transportation, bridges, vehicles, ships and so on. Medium Angle for building truss, structural power communications tower, mast and other uses. Small angle for civil construction, furniture, equipment manufacturing, brackets and frameworks.
5)Cold-formed section steel
Cold-formed steel cold-rolled or cold-rolled steel can be deformed by a continuous roll cold mill production. there are a lots of type and size range, there are common cold-formed steel openings (such as equilateral angles, unequal leg angles, equilateral channels, ranging from side channel, channel within curling, curling outer channel, Z-beam, roll Edge Z-beam, etc.); Common cold-formed closed (hollow) steel (such as square, rectangular, etc.); cold bending wave plate, and special cold-formed steel (freight cars, passenger cars, roller shutter doors, steel windows, fence with cold-formed shaped steel, steel and other waveform).
Cold-formed steel is mainly used in the manufacture of steel, mechanical parts to bear tension, bending force, torque.

Bar steel
Hot-rolled carbon steel bars divided by sectional into round steel, square steel, flat and hexagonal steel . Steel grades are Q195, Q215, Q235, Q255, Q275.
1) round steel , square steel
Diameter of round and side length of square steel 5.5-250mm , Diameter is not greater than 25mm side length : 4-10m; diameter is greater than 25mm side length : 3-9m.
2) Flat steel
Sectional dimensions of flat steel, width 10-150mm, thickness 3-60mm. Typically length 3-9m. Common steel grades for Q235, Q255, Q275, mainly used for agricultural machinery, chemical machinery, railroad parts, hardware tools.
3)Hexagonal Steel
Hexagonal steel cross-sectional dimension on the side away from 8-70mm. Typically length 3-8m. Common steel grades for Q195, Q215, Q235, mainly for the manufacture nuts and other standard parts.
4) Standard parts used hot roller carbon round steel
Standard parts are made with carbon hot rolled round steel , steel grades BL2, BL3 lower carbon steel , low silicon content (mass fraction of not more than 0.07%), sulfur and phosphorus content reduced to not more than 0.040%, the residual copper content is not greater than 0.25%. This steel has good cold upsetting processing performance, without annealing treatment before use, directly after the manufacturing process upset drawing. Mainly used to produce nuts, bolts, screws, rivets.

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