Metal Structure Prefab Shed Storage Building

1.  Metal Structure Prefab Shed Storage Building design as various using purposed from industrial (Warehouse ,Small Workshop, Storage ) , to commercial(Office Building, Gymnasium,Aircraft Hangar, Car Shed and Exhibition Hall ) to agricultural (Metal barn, Farm shed , Poultry shed) , we do the design and quotation through software named PKPM and according the detail
size including Length , Wide and Height and also calculated the local wind loading and snow loading to guarantee the durable and safety of the building .


2. All the Metal Structure of Steel Structure Prefab Shed Storage Building are fabricated in workshop , after cutting , welding , drilling and painted ready for assembling then loading in Open top Container delivery to the custom location , Prefab Shed Storage Building measured and designed at the factory , once selected and ordered, the building requires no further construction.

Steel Structure Prefab Shed Storage Building



3. The foundation of Metal  Structure Prefab Shed Storage Building is worked by the civil construction company , anchor bolt pre-embedded under ground , the steel column connection with the foundation through the anchor bolt that embedded in the foundation , the foundation must made very strong to guarantee the stability of the steel frame , the column connection with roof beam and roof beam connected with column use the 10.9s high strength bolt , the steel column and steel beam are made of welded H-section steel , the bracing on wall and roof used to enlarge the stability of the steel frame , the bracing including Column X Crossing Bracing ,Roof horizontal bracing , Fly bracing ( used on Purlin ) and Tie Beam .
The wall and roof purlin usually used galvanized purlin to enlarge the using life , the wall and roof panel fixed on the purlin by self-tapping nail .

Metal Structure Prefab Shed Storage Building

4. Metal Structure Prefab Shed Storage Building with multi-using purposed , metal structure building quickly in fabrication and construction , most of steel structure connected by bolts , the installation of wall and roof used self-tapping nail .