November 10, 2019

The Component of Prefab Steel Workshop

The construction of Prefab Steel Workshop is mainly divided into several parts. The corresponding materials can be selected according to the composition of these major parts. It is also possible to select different steel materials according to actual needs, and strive to build the prefab steel building to meet the customer’s requirements. For the construction of steel structure workshop, it is mostly used in industrial building. The steel components have less cross-sectional area and less internal column , which can meet the area requirements of industrial production.

Prefab Steel Workshop

The embedded parts of the steel structure building are an important part of the stable structure. When constructing, we must pay attention to the quality of the civil works and embedded parts, and enable the structure to form a stable structural system to ensure the safety and stability of the building. The second is H section steel column and roof beam, which plays the role of support and bearing, and has corresponding requirements for the quality of components and installation,purlin is C section or Z section steel,the wall and roof panel with two option , one is corrugated single color sheet another is sandwich panel , the wall and roof bracing are rod steel or angle steel.

The construction of prefab steel workshop is mainly divided into these parts. The different types of component structure systems have different requirements. If the construction of multi-storey steel structure workshop that requires reasonable spatial layout, the layout of each layer needs Rationalization; the construction of simple steel structure workshop is simple, the components are simple, but the quality of the construction must meet the requirements; the construction quality of the light steel structure workshop needs to meet the building specifications and regulations.

The main structure of the steel workshop includes steel columns, roof beam and crane beam; the secondary structure: C-section purlin, Sag rod, Tie Beam,Roof horizontal Bracing, inter-column bracing, anchor bolts (including nuts of the above categories, washers), these are the main components of the steel structure workshop, of course, can also be based on actual needs for different component selection, these are only for reference, steel structure can be selected according to the area and needs of the building. There are also some auxiliary materials that are the main components of the joint structure. The welding rod, welding wire and flux are the main materials for welding, and are the main materials of the welded part; the paint and thinner are materials composed of anti-corrosion, high-strength bolts, normal bolts and other materials are non-welded parts. To build a steel structure workshop, the quality of the components directly determines the installation quality of the building.

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