November 2, 2019

The Design Of Prefabricated Steel Building

Prefabricated Steel Building components including : Roof Beam,Column,Wall and roof Purlin,Bracing,Window and door Frame and Bolt,the components in the design of steel building must be very precise and fiting to ensure steel member can cooperate with each other.

Prefabricated Steel Building

The design of prefabricated steel building first is materials,common used Q345B and Q235B ,usually the Main Structure used single type steel and also could choose diffirent strength of compound section steel ,when strength control action used Q345B ,Stability Control action used Q235B .
The current design sofeware, mostly provide cross section calculation of post-processing function, some software can check when pass the artifacts,
the increased choice from a given cross-section database level, and automatic analysis calculation again,until the pass, it’s often said that one of the section optimization design of function, it reduces the architect has a lot of work .
However, at begin should be paid attention to at least two things: first, the software in a component of the cross section calculation, calculating the length of the fixed coefficient, sometimes does not conform to the norms, especially for complex node connection or non-uniform artifacts, should check them one by one.

Second, when the section does not meet the forecast, enlarging section should be treated differently in two different conditions.

1, the intensity is not satisfied, and usually increase of cross-section of plate thickness, and among them, the bending does not meet the increasing thickness of wing predestination, shear does not meet the increasing thickness of the web.

2, deformation overrun, usually should not increase plate thickness, and should consider the height of the enlarging section, otherwise, it will be very uneconomical. Use increase interface function for the optimization design of the software, it is difficult to consider the difference between the strength and stiffness, the actual work, often is not appropriate. To sum up, through the characteristics of the software

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