Prefab Warehouse Storage Building

Prefab Warehouse Storage Building apply many way in construction such as industrial Building,commercial Building residential Building,Agriculture Building

Prefab Warehouse Storage Building is a new type building structure system , the mainly loading bearing member are steel structure , including Steel Column , Roof Beam ,Wall X cross bracing , roof bracing ,Purlin for wall and roof .
The Main Structure used Q345B steel , Secondary Structure used Q235B .
Prefab Warehouse Storage Building could apply many way in construction such as industrial building,commercial building and residential building and could be used in various construction including single story , mutil-stories ,and high rise building .
Steel Structure Prefab Warehouse Storage Building developing fast and warm welcomed by clients as the light deadweight, large span ,great strength ,finished Quickly , fast construction ,anti-fire , anti-rust ,green building , environmental protection ,easily Installation ,save manpower.

Specification of Prefab Warehouse Storage Building

  1. Wind Loading : 0.5kn/m2
  2. Live Loading : 0.3kn/m2
  3. Dead Loading : 0.5kn/m2
  4. Steel Column : Q345B Welding H section Beam
  5. Roof Beam : Q345B Welding H section Beam
  6. Roof Bracing : Q235B Steel Rod
  7. Wall Bracing : Q235B Steel Rod
  8. Roof Purlin : Galvanized Z section Steel
  9. Wall Purlin : Galvanized C section Steel
  10. Roof Sheet : 0.5mm Corrugated Single Color Sheet
  11. Wall Sheet : 0.5mm Corrugated Single Color Sheet
  12. Painted : Epoxy Zinc-rich Painted,three layer

Advantages of Prefab Steel Structure Building
1)Steel structures fabricated in workshop, reduce the workload, shorten the construction period, comply to the requirements of the industrialization, not only save resources and reduce some unnecessary pollution.
2)The steel structure factory production quality is reliable,  size in precise , easy to install, easy to cooperate with related components
3) Steel structure Light weight, high strength, constructed of steel structure is reinforced concrete about half of the residential houses weight; Meet the needs of the large space houses  and the net area is about 4% higher than that of reinforced concrete house.
4)The steel structure can be recycled and less pollution to the environment. These advantages is the value of steel structure.5)Safety and reliability, seismic and wind resistance performance, load capacity and aseismic capacity can reach 8, flame shock loss not in fail is its style.