Second Floor Modular House

Second Floor Modular House use in temporary office, dormitories,construction house,temporary shelter for large-scale field exploration and field operations.

The wall system, roof system, and floor system of the second floor modular house are prefabricated at the factory. According to the design requirements, the ready-made steel structure use as the loading structure of the house, and all modules can quickly assemble into a house on the construction site. The house can be moved or disassembled multiple times.

The Using of second-floor Modular House:

Integrated houses widely use in temporary offices and dormitories on construction sites, or as construction houses for large-scale field exploration and field operations such as transportation, water conservancy, oil, and natural gas; temporary shelter such as urban offices, civil settlements, and exhibitions; leisure in tourist areas Villas, holiday homes; earthquake-resistant disaster relief and military fields.

The design of a light steel integrated modular house has excellent thermal insulation performance. It is safe and livable. It contains the thermal insulation layer and the thermal insulation layer. It is hot in winter and very cold in summer. In most areas, the stove can basically keep in winter and air-conditioning is not needed in summer.
Light steel houses also have excellent earthquake resistance, because it uses light steel keels as the load-bearing structure of the house. Steel structure prefabricated houses have excellent toughness, and flexibility can withstand earthquakes of 8 degrees or higher and are very safe and practical.
Besides, the construction speed of light steel integrated houses is also fast. A 200 square meter building can complete in a few weeks. The materials required for the light steel house are transported to the site after the factory production and assembled like a car, which not only reduces the construction difficulty but also controls the quality of the house.