Steel Structure Factory Building

There are many different types and sizes of Steel Structure Factory Building. it construct barns,airplane hangers,garages,shed,office,storage ,warehouse.

Steel Structure Factory Building formed by light steel structure frame structure , wall and roof bracing system and Purlin,  steel structure  including steel column,steel beam ,wall bracing ,roof bracing and purlin , the wall and roof system with various choice according the requirements of clients , we could supply 0.5mm corrugated color sheet , EPS sandwich panel , Glass-Wool Sandwich panel and PU sandwich panel ,Steel Structure Workshop Factory Building is widely used in warehouses, workshops, large factories, and so on.


Steel Structure Factory Building  lower cost and quickly in construction over traditional wood buildings.
There are many different types and sizes of Steel Structure Building. You can easily and efficiently construct barns, airplane hangers, garages, sheds, office buildings,storage facilities, warehouses and even churches.

The metal framing materials in Steel Buildings are made in quality-controlled environments. Steel Factory Building cost less mostly because the main sections are manufactured and then shipped to the construction location. By engineering these buildings in a factory,there are no costly delays due to weather and back-ordered materials. The state-of-the-art assembly-line manufacturing, purchase of materials in bulk and pre-assembly in the factory also assures higher quality control.The metal framing materials in Steel Structure Workshop Factory Building are made with extremely strict specifications to be stronger and lighter.

Steel Structure Building is reduced construction time. The buildings are measured and designed at the factory. Once selected and ordered, the building requires no further construction.Additional benefits include a choice of sizes and protection against weather changes.

The advantages of Steel Structure Factory Building

1)All the metal structure fabricated in workshop, reduce the workload, shorten the construction period, comply to the requirements of the industrialization, not only save resources and reduce some unnecessary pollution.
2)The steel structure factory production quality is reliable, size in precise , easy to install, easy to cooperate with related components
3) Steel is Light weight, high strength, constructed of steel structure is reinforced concrete about half of the residential houses weight; Meet the needs of the large space houses and the net area is about 4% higher than that of reinforced concrete house.
4)The steel structure can be recycled and less pollution to the environment. These advantages is the value of steel building .
5)Safety and reliability, seismic and wind resistance performance, load capacity and aseismic capacity can reach 8, flame shock loss not in fail is its style.