Steel Warehouse Building

Steel Warehouse Building is a new type of building structure system, which is formed by the main steel framework linking up H-section, Z-section steel.

Description of Steel Warehouse Building :

  • Steel Warehouse Building design from Havit Steel is an ideal solution for storing cargo, the manufacturers, importers, use the warehouse, and wholesalers, steel structure warehouse can provide clients with customized as well as the variable solution for storage. The steel framing, as well as corrugated metal wall and roof, which can ensure the warehouse as secure as possible, and we use high strength steel to design and manufacture the warehouse that provides the service life of building in 50year and less maintenance in the future that save the additional cost for clients.
  • We design the warehouse with no interior columns, so there is enough interior space where the forklift moves goods to the pallets. Therefore, the ample interior space can provide the forklift enough space for running. We can also design the mezzanine structure on each end, which makes the second-floor store goods. And provide an office for staff, the exterior wall and roof use the corrugated metal sheet that fixed on wall girt and roof purlin by the self-tapping nail that fasts and natural erection, save the construction time and labor cost.

The advantage of Steel Structure Buildings

  1. Steel Structure has prefabricated that manufacture in our workshop, so the construction time will short, small work on the project site, and reduce the pollution, save the resource.
  2. The quality of manufacture is reliable, and the building structures are exact dimensions and the right consistency.
  3. Steel with the advantage of lightweight, high strength, and the weight of the steel structure is less half than that of traditional concrete structures.
  4. Steel structure can be recycled and environmentally friendly.