Steel Workshop Building

Steel Workshop Building formed by Steel Coloum,Steel Beam ,Bracing ,Purlin,all the Steel Structure Fabricated in Workshop and delivery to Project site.

The 100mx75m Metal Building design from Havit Steel can provide an ideal solution for clients. Steel Workshop building can offer a customized solution. The 75m width provides three bright space that each frame full is 25m, the free interior-free column provide ample interior service space for the customers, we can provide a variety of choices for the color of exterior wall and roof cladding.

Steel Workshop Building comes with primary and secondary framing as well as metal sheet for the wall and roof cladding. And we only use high strength steel to design and fabricated the workshop building, so the H style frame provides high strength for the construction that could withstand the heavy wind and snow. The secondary framing includes the stability of the workshop, includes roof and wall bracing, wall girt, and roof purlin.

Havit Steel Custom Steel Workshop Building Solution:

  1. Design and manufacture according to the specification from clients, our engineer will calculate the wind speed and snow load in your local that ensure the strength of the building.
  2. The manufacture drawing processed by detail software that ensures the correction of the bolt connection, the CNC manufacture machine could guarantee the precision of cutting and drilling, and provide clients with the ready-to-assemble building structure to avoid secondary welded on construction-site, save the construction time.
  3. All the building structure is the bolt-connection; the workers only fixed the bolt on the structure, quickly and easy assemble.
  4. The exterior wall and roof cladding we can provide 0.5mm or 0.6mm thickness, with a corrugated shape that enlarges the strength of the sheet, the insulation materials can add on roof and wall cladding, that minimum the heating and cooling system, save energy.