Prefab Steel Building

Prefab Steel Building cost less mostly because the main sections are manufactured and then shipped to the construction location. By engineering these buildings in a factory, there are no costly delays due to weather and back-ordered materials. The state-of-the-art assembly-line manufacturing, purchase of materials in bulk and pre-assembly in the factory also assures higher quality control. The metal framing materials in Steel Building are made with extremely strict specifications to be stronger and lighter.prefab steel building is reduced construction time. The buildings are measured and designed at the factory. Once selected and ordered, the building requires no further construction.


Aircraft Hangar

Aircraft Hangar with the advantage of Light Dead weight , large span ,great strength, and all the components can welding in workshop,clearly single span.

Prefab Warehouse Storage Building

Prefab Warehouse Storage Building apply many way in construction such as industrial Building,commercial Building residential Building,Agriculture Building

Steel Structure Prefabricated Workshop

Steel Structure Prefabricated Workshop Building has the advantages of wide span,high strength, light weight,lower cost,temperature protection,save energy.

Steel Structure Plant Building

Steel Structure Plant Building formed by Portal Frame which is design as factory building ,industrial warehouse,steel workshop building,manufacture plant.