Steel Shed

Steel Shed design and calculated quotation through design software named PKPM , the necessary to calculated the quotation including detail size ( Length , Wide and Height ) the materials for wall and roof , wind speed and snow loading in local , which calculated to guarantee the safety and strong of the building ,the metal frame of Steel Shed formed by steel column , roof beam , bracing and purlin , the steel column connected with foundation by pre-embedding anchor bolt , the connected of column and beam , beam and beam used 10.9s high strength bolt , the bracing on wall and roof used to enlarge the stability of the building , the purlin connected with column and beam by bolt the distance of purlin is about 1.5m , the wall and roof fixed on the wall and roof purlin by self-tapping nail .


Steel Structure Shed Building

Steel Structure Shed Building is very durable which enough to withstand heavy snowfall, high winds, wall and roof panel coated with aluminum compounds.