Steel Workshop

Steel Workshop mainly loading bear member including Steel Column ,Roof Beam , Column X Cross Bracing ,Roof Bracing ,Fly Bracing ,Tie Beam , Wall and Roof Purlin .Steel Workshop design and manufacture as various using purposed from industrial (Factory Building ,Product Plant , Industrial Warehouse) , to from commercial(Office Building, Gymnasium,Aircraft Hangar, Car Shed and Exhibition Hall ) to agricultural (Metal barn, Farm shed , Poultry shed) .


Steel Structure Prefabricated Workshop

Steel Structure Prefabricated Workshop Building has the advantages of wide span,high strength, light weight,lower cost,temperature protection,save energy.

Steel Structure Plant Building

Steel Structure Plant Building formed by Portal Frame which is design as factory building ,industrial warehouse,steel workshop building,manufacture plant.

Steel Structure Factory Building

There are many different types and sizes of Steel Structure Factory Building. it construct barns,airplane hangers,garages,shed,office,storage ,warehouse.

Steel Structure Workshop

Steel Structure Workshop divide into Light Steel Workshop and Heavy Steel Workshop according Crane Lift Capacity and Steel quantity of per square meter

Steel Workshop Building

Steel Workshop Building formed by Steel Coloum,Steel Beam ,Bracing ,Purlin,all the Steel Structure Fabricated in Workshop and delivery to Project site.