Steel Shed in Australia

We fabricated Steel Shed for our client in Sydney,Australia for one Solar company ,the Size of the Steel Shed : 15.32m(W) x 60.371m(L) x 6m (H) , Mezzanine floor height :3.52m , wall and roof panel : 0.5mm corrugated color sheet .
Main Structure :
Column and Beam : Q345B Welding H beam ,  Floor Beam : Q345B Welding H Beam,Crane Rail : Q345B Welding Beam
Secondary Structure as follows :
Wall and Roof Bracing : Q235B Angle Steel , Wall and Roof Purlin : Galvanized C section steel.

Steel  Shed Building design and calculated according the detail size that send by customers , the steel column connected with foundation by pre-embedding foot bolt , easily construction save time , the colum connection with beam and the beam connected with beam by high strength bolts without on site welding save the manpower cost , the column and beam welding the support plate used to connected with the wall and roof purlin ,there are column bracing and roof bracing layout on wall and roof to enlarge the stability of the workshop , fly bracing used to fixed the purlin on column and beam , the wall and roof are made of corrugated single color sheet or color sheet sandwich panel which connected with purlin by self-tapping screws , the window on the wall could be designed at anywhere mainly used sliding type materials are aluminum alloy , the height of the window usually design 1.5m fixed between the two purlin , the door usually used automatical roller up door or sliding door made by aluminum or sandwich panel .

Steel Structure Building could in single span or multiple spans, the max span could reach more than 36m without middle column , prefab steel building with great strength as steel with the advantages of high strength, good plasticity, good toughness and weldability,which can resists the impact of strong wind and seismic performance and bears heavy snow loading .