Steel Storage for Switzerland

Our Company design , fabricated and delivery Steel Storage Building for our client in Switzerland , all the steel structure are hot dip galvanized , the wall and roof panel used 75mm EPS sandwich panel .

The Advantages of Steel Storage Building as follows

  1. Features: fast and flexible to assemble, secure and safe, thermal and noise insulation, water proof and fire prevention;
  2. Cost-effective: Fast and easy installation greatly shorten the construction time which reduce the costs;
  3. Durability: The whole structrure is easy in maintenance, which can be used for more than 50 years.
  4. Perfect design: Perfect design completely avoids leaks and water seepage. Meanwhile, it’s also in line with the national level of fire prevention.
  5. Carrying capacity: can resists the impact of strong wind and seismic performance and bears heavy snow loads.

Steel Storage could used for a wide range of project needs – from commercial (Car Shed ,Exhibition Hall ) to agricultural (metal barns, storage sheds) to industrial (Workshop, equipment storage).

Steel Storage
Steel Structure Building with the advantage is that all the Steel Structure can fabricate in workshop and assemble on project site ,easily and quickly installation , the small metal building can finished installation in 1 – 2 month , save man power , The wall and roof of Prefab Steel building use Single Colour sheet , EPS Sandwich panel and other Single sheet with Insulation ,Good effect of thermal insulation and separated Chapter ,Metal Structure Building has a good seismic performance, light weight steel structure belongs to the flexible structure, which can effectively reduce the seismic response and disaster impact, highly conducive to the earthquakeAppropriate for demolition relocation.

Steel Storage
The short construction period, can be put to use in advance, to obtain investment returns in advance;use the colourfull single sheet , nice look and improve the dynamic sense of the surrounding environment;Because of the Lightweight , the ground don’t need the pile foundation ,save the investment.