Steel Structure Plant for Uruguay

Our company work as sub-contractor fabricated Steel Structure for the Chemical Plant Building, all the steel structure used Q235B Hot roller Steel , the surface treatment are hot dip galvanized , the structure including Pipe truss , Equipment Platform Building , Handrail , Ladder and Grating .

Steel Structure Plant

The Specification of Steel Structure Plant :

  1. Steel structure tower
    The construction of steel towers in chemical plants is very heavy and complex. Usually steel structures use special paints to prevent them from being affected by external factors. Different industries require different surface treatments to increase the reliability and durability of steel structure. Because the steel tower is rugged, it can be used in many specific industries.
  2. Steel Structure Platform
    Production Facilities of Chemical Plant require a large number of steel structure platforms around the facility. This allows workers to easily use loads, decks, ramps, storage facilities and more.
  3. Steel structure walkway
    Walkways need to consider the safety of workers, using special designs, types, and materials to prevent dangerous slips, trips, and falls.At same time, steel walkways should be designed with clever layout, making the entire Steel Structure Plant with efficient passage. Most plants require elevated walkways and industrial access.
  4. Steel structure stairs
    Stairs are an integral part of industrial  plants. Steel stairs are durable, sturdy and flexible. The construction of steel stairways creates a variety of stairways that suit individual needs, conditions, pressure expectations, temperature and humidity conditions. Shapes, sizes and styles of stair can also be customized.
  5. Steel structure handrail
    The handrails of the plant are very important to the safety of workers. If there are poorly operated handrails, it may endanger to the safety of workers .Particular, some chemical plants may   handling hazardous materials or hazardous equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to provide workers  with a solid handrail to provide traction and support to prevent falling.

In addition to the important parts mentioned above, the main part of the steel structure chemical plant is the frame structure. It consists of trusses, girders and beams that form the basis of a industrial plant .