Steel Warehouse Building Georgia

Steel Warehouse Building Georgia , size :30m (Wide)X114m-150m(Length)Eave Height :11.2m  ,Concrete Column Height : 7.9m , the wall is concrete wall , roof used 75mm EPS sandwich panel .

The Main body of the project is RC frame structure and the roof is light steel structure roof system,the concrete
frame column is connected with the steel structure roof at the joint where a
number of nodes are arranged complicatedly , the construction need closed cooperation of civil contractor
and steel structure fabricator,the high quality and coordination management are required for the joint construction.
This structure combines the advantages of good economics of the concrete structure and the large span of the steel structure .

Steel Warehouse Building Georgia

Due to its strong bearing capacity and strong deformability, steel has become a common structural material for building structural design.

Steel Warehouse Building Georgia has the following characteristics:

  • The weight of the building roof is relatively light .
  • The big strength and toughness of the roof.
  • The span of the roof is large, and the available space is relatively large.

The concrete column light steel roof structure is widely used in warehouse and factory building design. This type of structure has the advantages, such as: the top floor has a large available space, the cost is economical, and the construction speed is fast.

Steel Warehouse Building Georgia

At present, the design of concrete column light steel roof structure includes the following aspects :

  1. The engineer must define the characteristics of the structural system, select the reasonable force analysis results for structural component design;
  2. The design of the steel frame connection point, reasonable design of connection point of the steel frame can better ensure the stability of the steel frame;
  3. The design of the bracing of the roofing system; the reasonable roof bracing design is the key to ensure the integrity of the roof;
  4. The design of the roofing system components which is a reasonable arrangement and selection of sections, and the engineer must ensure the stability of the overall design.