Steel Workshop for Tanzania

Our company design and fabricated Prefab Steel Workshop for our client in Tanzania , the project address in : Dar es Salaamin ,Tanzania .

The Specification of the Prefab Steel Workshop as follows:

  1. The Size of the building is ( 21 M+10 M ) x 140 M . The Height of the building is 10 M Clear and 6 M Clear and 20 M Clear at various points.
  2. There is Mezzanine floors at various Points . The Mezzanine height is 5 M.
  3. Four Number of Silos are located at between bay numbers 23 an 25. These silo are having conical Bottom discharge . The silo are to be supported at 5 Meters Level Mezzanine Beams , The Total Working Weight of Each silo is 100 Tons . ALL Mezzanine beams in this area should be designed for this load of 100 Tons x 4 Nos = 400 Tons .
  4. Working Platform at 16 Meter Level to access the four silos.
  5. Brick walls are considered till 5 Meters Level
  6. 50 mm Thick PU (Polyurethene ) Sand witch Panels with 0.5 mm SKIN on Both sides to be provided above 5 Meter Level .
  7. 0.5mm Corrugated color sheet for wall .

Steel Workshop

The factor that effected the price of metal workshop building

  • Quantity of Steel
    The most influential factor on the cost of steel structure workshop is the quantity of steel.
    The factor affecting the amount of steel used is the area of the steel structure. The larger the area,
    the more steel is needed, the higher the cost, and of course the design.
    Secondly, For the same area of the factory, the use of different materials of steel, the cost is also different,
    the price of color steel plate and sandwich panel is not the same.
  • The length of the steel structure span. In general, the greater of the span, the higher of the cost,the specifics still depend on the design requirements.
  • The cost of the crane. During construction, choose a suitable crane to avoid waste of equipment and failure to meet construction requirements.
  • The height of the building. According to actual needs, the higher of the height, the higher of the cost.
  • Protection structure. Different doors and windows, exterior walls, etc., the price will have some differences