November 10, 2019

Steel Building Price

Regarding the steel building price, there may be many customers that want to know clearly; the expenditures are all budgeted, and the scope of the excess may bring trouble to the company.

Steel Building Price

The elements that affect the steel building price .

  1. The height of the building, according to actual needs, each additional 10cm is to increase the cost by 2% to 3%.
  2. With or without the over head crane, the choice of the tonnage of the crane is also a big deal. If the tonnage is too large, it will cause waste of equipment, too small to meet the construction needs. Of course, the price is different.
  3. The wall and roof panel materials, this is also the cost of consideration, doors, windows, interior walls and so on.
  4. The type of design structure of the steel workshop building, the time and purpose of the building, and other related factors.
  5. The size of the building area, this is the most essential impact, the amount of steel structure required for a large area must be more, the cost of steel structure building is relatively high, the size of the width determines its size, of course, is also closely related to the structure of the building design.
  6. The length of the steel structure building, in general, the smaller of the span, the lower of the cost. Of course, the span is arranged according to its own needs, the design is different, the span is also different, the requirements of the column spacing are also very different.
  7. The amount of steel structure required, the most influential of the cost of the steel structure workshop is the amount of steel. In addition to the source of steel, the import is not the same as the domestic one, and the color steel plate or the sandwich panel is also different. On the same material, the largest impact on the amount of steel is its area. The size of the building area determines the amount of steel used. Of course, the design structure is also within the influence range.
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