Steel Frame Workshop Building

1. Steel Frame Workshop Building could design in single clear span or multi-span ,the max span can reach 36m without middle column , enlarge the using space ,Steel Frame Workshop Building also comprises of welding work on construction projects. Most steel frame materials must be joined together through welding, which is the most economical and efficient way to join metals

Steel Frame Workshop Building
2. The materials specification of Steel Frame Workshop as follows
1)Main Structure : Steel Column , Roof Steel Beam , the Materials Q345B Welding H Beam , Yield Strength :345Mpa
2)Secondary Structure : Roof Bracing , Column Bracing , Roof Purlin , Wall Purlin , Tie Bar ects , Materials : Q235B Steel , Yield Strength : 235Mpa
3)Wall and Roof : Single Color Sheet , Sandwich panel for customers choose .
4)Door : Sandwich panel Sliding Door , Roller up door
5)Window : Aluminum alloy window , UPVC Window
6)Surface treatment of Steel Structure : Painted or Hot dip galvanized

Steel Frame Workshop Building

3.Steel Frame Workshop Building design and manufacture as various using purposed from industrial (Factory Building ,Product Plant , Industrial Warehouse) , to from commercial
(Office Building, Gymnasium,Aircraft Hangar, Car Shed and Exhibition Hall ) to agricultural (Metal barn, Farm shed , Poultry shed) .

4.Steel Frame Workshop Building has the advantages of wide span, high strength, light weight, low cost, temperature protection, save energy,beautiful appearance, short construction time,
good effect of insulation, long using life, space-efficient, good seismic performance, flexible layout,etc.

5.The advantages of Steel Workshop Building
1)Wide range of using: Steel Frame Workshop Building can be used as factory, warehouse, office building, gymnasium, hangar, and so on. Suitable for single large span buildings, can also be used to build multi-story or high-rise buildings.
2)Quickly finished : Steel Frame Workshop Building easy installation and short construction period , the economic benefits of investment can play as soon as possible ,
3)Wind resistance : Steel Frame Workshop Building good rigidity, deformation ability. Only one-fifth the weight of brick and concrete structure, resistant to 70 meters per second hurricane.
4)Beautiful and practical: Steel Frame Workshop Building is concise and fluent, have contemporary feeling. Color steel wall plate has a variety of colors to choose from, the wall also can use other materials, and therefore has more flexibility.
5) Appearance good and practical: Steel Frame Workshop Building has a variety of colors to choose , the wall also can use other materials, and therefore has more flexibility.
6)Reasonable cost: Steel Frame Workshop Building reduce the cost, construction speed, can be completed and put into production as soon as possible, the comprehensive economic benefit is significantly superior to concrete structure construction.