Steel Structure with the advantage of Green Building
Promotion of  green buildings, low-carbon economy is the the original intention of development steel structure building . Concrete structures become construction waste material after 50 years ,the steel structure can be recycled, plus reasonable weight ratio, good seismic performance, can be welding, airtight benefits, so the development of steel structure is the only way.
Upwind steel production under existing national policy
Before the 1980 s, they produced quantity is small, the state advocates ” less use” steel. After the 1980 s, a dramatic increase in steel production in China, the state advocates “reasonable use”.
In the 1990 s, China’s steel production is the highest in the world. But because of backward steel-making technology, refining no good steel, resulting in steel exports slump.
The state began to promote support steel and establish joint steel group. Large steel construction industry used in recent years, China’s construction industry has been booming, which push forward the development of the steel industry in the degree of certainty.
Recent strategic reserve import under awkward
China’s iron ore mine mostly poor, only a large number of imported iron ore from Australia. In order to reduce the pressure of imports, China gradually implement the strategy of the steel supply,steel into the actual building. Steel structure building popular because of high recovery rate.
Lower Labour cost
For large construction, steel structure is undoubtedly the best choice, and high layer building with steel structure and concrete structure of two options. However, as a new generation of young worker would rather choose low wages,
more face work, the change of the concept and state of workers’ wages off topic, in the face of the workers’ wages on the day of settlement, a sign of paying cash, concrete construction labor costs continue to increase. In this case,
the technical content is low, the operation simple steel structure of artificial demand is much lower, the cost is low.