November 11, 2019

The characteristics of the steel structure buildings

Steel structure has become one of the main load-bearing structural systems in the steel structure buildings construction process. The design should be combined with its application characteristics to meet the requirements of process and building functions to ensure the safety and reliability of the structure. Optimize the structural plan to save steel and costs. Minimize the construction period to maximize the overall economic benefits.

Steel Structure Buildings

Steel structure buildings has the following characteristics :

  1. The stress state of the steel structure is in accordance with the mechanical calculation results, but the steel is not completely homogeneous, mainly because the segregation inside the steel affects the mechanical properties. In addition, the mechanical properties of steel in three directions are also different.
  2. Steel has good plasticity and toughness. The good plasticity of the steel allows the structure not suddenly break due to overload under stable conditions, which is an excellent performance to ensure the structure does not collapse. In addition, the local peak stress can be redistributed, so that the stress changes are gentle. The good ductility can make the structure adapt to the dynamic load, and the building steel structure has the guarantee of reliable components under the impact load and repeated load or multi-axial tensile stress. At the same time, due to the good plasticity and ductility of the steel, the seismic steel building structure can fully absorb energy. , weaken the seismic response and greatly improve the seismic performance of the structure. The Tangshan and Wenchuan earthquake damage surveys show that even in the high-intensity area near the epicenter, the earthquake damage of all-steel buildings is very light.
  3. The steel has high strength and light weight. The strength of steel is much higher than that of concrete and masonry. Therefore, large-span structure, super high-rise building, high-rise structure and industrial workshop warehouse or heavy-duty structure, steel structure is the ideal structural material . At the same time, the structure is lightweight. It can reduce the basic load, reduce the cost of the crystal and the basic part, and increase the use area, reduce the construction time, and reduce the transportation and lifting costs. Take the general reinforced concrete frame-cylinder structure and the high-rise building with steel structure under the same conditions as an example. The self-weight of the two is about 2:1, the foundation load is greatly reduced, and the cost of foundation and foundation engineering will be greatly reduced. However, it should be noted that the light steel roof is light in weight and should be designed to be sensitive to changes in variable loads, such as snow loads and wind loads. In past designs, the underestimation of its effects has caused many home damage or collapse accidents to be considered in the design of such structures.
  4. Steel structure engineering construction is more in line with building industrialization and environmental protection requirements. The steel structure is a single material, which is convenient for forming the optimal load-bearing section. The components are easy to process and industrialized. Can be used for large parts or modular assembly, high production efficiency, short construction period, and less wet work during the process of application. The pollution is less, which is in line with the requirements of China’s construction industry and industrialization technology policy.
  5. The steel structure is flexible and adaptable. The industrial workshop or public building which is easy to be demolished, rebuilt or rebuilt, and it can be repaired, strengthened and strengthened after thousands of disasters. At the same time, it can be used as a material reserve for recycling or recycling of renewable resources.
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