Steel Structure in China Develop to Green Environmental Direction

steel buildingSteel Structure in China Develop to Green Environmental Direction      

Our country is a big country of steel ,steel production reached more than 700 million tons, the actual production capacity of more than 1 billion tons, but the steel used in construction to less than 5%.
Steel structure has the advantage of good seismic performance, fast construction and can be recycled , which meets the requirements of the green building,But is not very well in the civil building applications , higher cost is the directly reason .
Currently except steel structure the other is less in industrial building ,sspecially the lack of new wall materials, industrial building is weak , less wall plank product in market , poor quality but price higher , Doesn’t satisfy the need of the steel structure housing industrialization also the main cause of the high cost in the steel structure housing .
In recent years practice has proved that successful technology of steel structure residential building with research, complete industrial chain of the enterprises, combined with some preferential policies to steel structure residential building the price could accepted by the market , with the enlargement of the scale, cost also is now reduced.
Steel structure has many advantages, however, only 1% less than in the residential buildings ,Industry development Suggestions are put forward to guide the developing of steel structure in residential buildings .
Steel structure industry and its upstream and downstream industry chain in China push the developing of steel structure and promote advanced steel structure building system and its supporting products to develope in the direction of green environmental protection