Steel Structure Promoted The Security Sense

Building materials industry: Steel structure promoted the security sense

In China about 55% of anual production steel used for construction industry including Steel Structure Workshop , High-rise Steel Building,Steel Structure Commercial Building and multi-stories steel building ,the production accounted for 51%, 20%, 17% and 12% in steel structure construction , as the grown of labour cost the steel structure residential building stat promoted .

Steel structure promoted the security sense

Policies encourage and support the development of steel structure industry.
Steel structure industry has  been listed in the current national focus on encouraging the development of the industry, catalogue of products and technology, the national priority to the development of high technology industrialization key field guide , which is one of the important support industry in China
As a promising industry, the steel structure industry showed its importance in the economy of our country
Currently steel structure output accounted 4% of crude steel , steel structure construction accounted 8% of the total amount construction steel ,While in developed countries steel structure industry production proportion of total crude steel production have reached more than 10%, construction steel structure
building total steel quantity ratio above 30%, steel structure industry development space is huge in our country.
Industry concentration degree is still being promoted in future , the specialized operation is comming .
China’s steel industry concentration compared with abroad still has room to improve, at the same time in the whole manufacturing installation capacity of ascension has specialized operation on the competitive landscape, many enterprises in the industry disorderly competition period has ended, after the first echelon enterprise which is formed by the fierce competition has been shaped by specialized operation the brand position in the industry, thus formed in each segment of the market barriers, we think the first echelon business gross margin has a trend of bottoming out.